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SINTEF’s Brussels Office

Norwegian and European research activities are becoming ever more closely linked. As of March 2018, SINTEF is a participant in 147 EU-funded projects, amounting to a total project volume of € 1510 million.

NTNU and SINTEF have H2020 partners in almost all European countries.
NTNU and SINTEF have H2020 partners in almost all European countries.

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Collaboration with NTNU
SINTEF and NTNU share the same office location in Brussels. This provides an excellent opportunity to make use of the unique collaboration that exists between the two organisations, including involvement in the H2020 programme in which we have shared interests and function in complementary roles. The NTNU office is involved across the entire spectrum of the university's activities, while SINTEF focuses on energy issues, although it is in the process of transitioning towards adopting a broader approach. The University of Bergen also has offices in the same premises in Brussels.

We are contributing towards shaping the EU research agenda together with the Norwegian delegation and other Norwegian interests in Brussels.

Energy research in Europe
In Brussels, SINTEF participates in agenda-setting processes in the field of energy. It is expanding its participation in key network arenas, and raising the quality and efficiency of its project search and implementation work. We have intensified our participation in the H2020 programme, the SET Plan and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). However, the main purpose of our presence is as a catalyst promoting increased activity within thematic fields.

In 2017, SINTEF, in the person of Executive Vice-President for Sustainability Nils A. Røkke, was elected EERA Chair for a two-year term. 

Office address: Rue Guimard 9, 1000 Brussel (close to the European Commission and the European Parliament).


SINTEF's position in the EU program Horizon 2020

SINTEF's position in the EU program Horizon 2020, as of March 2018

  • Participates in 147 projects with project volume of € 1510 million.
  • Coordinator for 40 projects with project volume of € 228 million.
  • Research funds SINTEF has been committed from the EU: € 98.7 million.

Sources: The Research Council of Norway, EU contract database.

The ARBAHEAT Project -

The ARBAHEAT Project -

EU Advisors in SINTEF