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Trainees at the Brussels Office

Previous interns at SINTEF's Brussel office
Gina Mølnvik and Guro Norman both are previous trainees at SINTEF’s Brussels office

The SINTEF Brussels Office offers internships both in the autumn and spring semesters. This is an important resource for the office! Interns have the opportunity to engage in tasks related to monitoring EU policy, mapping EU-funded research initiatives, and monitoring calls for proposals from Horizon Europe.


Gina Mølnvik (Autumn 2023/ Spring 2024) 

“Being a trainee at SINTEF in Brussels was a great way to kick-start life after studies. Brussels is a city with a lot happening, especially around the Green deal and Fit for 55.

I got introduced to the Horizon Europe programme and worked to identify relevant calls to Sintef researchers in Norway, and to assist in connecting with European partners. I closely followed the development of relevant EU legislation and research policy and communicated the information through newsletters and articles.

I got to meet a lot of interesting people and attend events with inspiring outcomes. Brussels is a cool city not only because of work, but also due to all the welcoming people and the culture that is ready to be discovered.”

Guro Norman (Autumn 2023) 

“My internship at SINTEF's Brussels office has been a unique opportunity. It has provided me with valuable knowledge and experiences that have shaped my professional development.

Being in the center of Europe, I have had the opportunity to work in a dynamic and international environment, which has taught me the importance of effective communication and collaboration across different teams.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Horizon Europe and other EU initiatives. This has expanded my understanding of the intricate connections between research and policy within the EU landscape, but also how it affects the Norwegian R&I.

As a student coming from a social science background, witnessing the political processes of the EU first hand has been especially thrilling. Moreover, the internship has broadened my perspective on how various stakeholders collaborate to ensure a sustainable future.”

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