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Ole Martin Løvvik

Chief Scientist

Ole Martin Løvvik is chief scientist at SINTEF and Professor II at Univ. Oslo. His background is within computational materials science, focused on atomic-scale simulations of sustainable energy materials. This includes hydrogen membranes, thermoelectric generators, solar cell materials, and battery materials. Løvvik visited Caltech in CA, USA as a Fulbright Scholar in 2015-2016, and was Visiting Professor at Osaka University in 2012. His WOS h-index is 30, based on more than 3300 citations.


1998 Dr.scient., Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Oslo (UiO), Norway, 12.06.1998
1992 Cand.Scient., Dept. of Physics, UiO, Norway, 20.12.1992.

Competence and research areas

- Atomistic modelling of materials from first principles
- Density functional theory (DFT) and related techniques
- High-throughput search of new materials with superior properties
- Hydrogen technology
- Thermoelectric materials for waste heat harvesting
- Battery materials
- Metals and alloys
- Semiconductors and solar cells
- Oxides and fuel cells
- Phase transformation materials with high reversibility
- Transport properties from Boltzmann theory using first-principles input
- Phonon calculations for temperature dependent properties
- Diffusion molecular dynamics for very long time simulations
- First principles molecular dynamics
- Prediction of crystal structures, surfaces and defects

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