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SunSic – Efficient Exploitation of the Sun with Intermediate BandSilicon Carbide

The main goal of SunSiC is to introduce intermediate band materials as a basis for novelhigh-efficiency single junction multiple band gap solar cell technology in Norway. This is a “New Concepts” researcher project funded by the EnergiX program in the Research Council of Norway.

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The SunSiC project aims to demonstrate that it is possible to generate an intermediate band (IB) in cubic SiC. Such an electronic band would transform the large band gap semiconductor SiC into a multiple (three) band gap semiconductor without introduction of multiple junctions or quantum dots. The theoretical efficiency of IB photovoltaics is more than 60%, and the processing is potentially quite easy and cheap. If this concept is proven in stage 1 of the project, the second stage will focus on optimizing important material properties, particularly the life time of charge carriers. The project idea is based on a new synthesis process at Linköping University, where large single crystals of cubic SiC can be produced for the first time. We will have access to this material in the project, and thus have the possibility to search for IB behavior at a very early stage. The material obtained from our collaborating partners will be doped using ion implantation, and a variety of characterization and modeling tools will be used to identify an IB and to establish the connection between processing parameters, detailed structural and electronic materials properties and the potential of using SiC with IB as a new solar cell technology.

Project team:  
SINTEF Materials and Chemistry: 

Ole Martin Løvvik (Project leader)
Spyros Diplas
Annett Thøgersen
Patricia A. Carvalho

SINTEF ICT: Daniel N. Wright
University of Oslo: Bengt Svensson
Linköping University: Mikael Syväjärvi
Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials AS: Pål Runde

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2014 - 31/12/2017