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iClimaBuilt - An open innovation test bed for building-envelope materials

In the project, research institutes cooperate with companies to make advanced walls and windows with new or improved properties and a small environmental footprint.

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A goal of iClimaBuilt is to give European companies access to lab facilities for developing, upscaling and testing their own innovative materials to be used for the outer shells ("envelopes") of Zero Energy Buildings.

The iClimaBuilt project is funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 program. The project uses advanced characterization equipment and computer simulations to develop improved building components like highly insulating wall panels and windows which can filter the indoor air.

By building better houses and using natural or waste materials, the project aims to reduce humanity's negative environmental impact. New materials like aerogels are used for increasing the insulating properties. Once the materials have been characterised and shown to fulfil the desired specifications, they are put together into usable units which are tested in real buildings around Europe.

Through this work, the iClimaBuilt consortium has gained wide experience in making and measuring several types of innovative building components. Results from the tests are stored in a common database.

The iclimabuilt Open Call: September 2023 – January 2024:

The iClimaBuilt consortium is now in the position to offer similar services to small and medium-sized companies that would like to make and/or characterise their own building components. iClimaBuilt offers its services for free (development, testing, upscaling, validation, etc.) and gives access to the production facilities ("Pilot Lines") of the project. In addition, iClimaBuilt can provide 70 % funding for the projects! For more information and for applying, go to the Open Call website.

The iclimabuilt consortium consists of: AIDEAS Estonia, ANSYS United Kingdom, BGTEC Poland, BIOG3D Greece, CETMA Italy, CIDETEC Spain, E2ARC Belgium, EUT Spain, FENX Switzerland, FRAU ISE Germany, HTWK LEIP Germany, INEGI Portugal, IRES Belgium, ITAINNOVA Spain, NTNU Norway, NTUA Greece, OSM United Kingdom, POLITO Italy, RISE Sweden, RUBITHERM Germany, SINTEF Norway, STRATAGEM Cyprus, TEGNOLOGY Denmark, TUD Germany, TUHH Germany, UOB United Kingdom and UOS United Kingdom.

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Project duration

2021 - 2025