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Cool’em - Solid state cooling with elastocaloric materials

The goal of Cool'em is to develop a superior cooling technology based on the elastocaloric effect.

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The project is based on a thermodynamic cycle in which solid-state phase transformations release and absorb heat. Long-term operation without loss or fatigue is a prerequisite. This can be achieved by so-called supercompatibility of the two phases, which is described by mathematical correlations between their lattice parameters. Cool'em aims to identify new superreversible materials with a high cooling coefficient of performance (COP). The latest available theoretical tools will be used to predict new, supercompatible martensitic phase transformations and elastocaloric materials with very high COP. A range of advanced synthesis and processing techniques will be used to vary and optimize the microstructure of selected compounds. State-of-the-art characterization and testing tools will be used to establish correspondence between processing parameters and functional behavior. Digitalization of experiments will speed up and target the fabrication of materials towards optimal ones.

Project team:

  • Ole Martin Løvvik (Project leader), SINTEF Industry
  • Marit Stange, SINTEF Industry
  • Patricia Almeida Carvalho, SINTEF Industry
  • Spyros Diplas, SINTEF Industry

  • Anette Gunnæs, UiO

Key Factors

Project duration

01/01/2021 - 13/12/2025