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Gemini Centre – Electrical Energy and Energy Systems

Gemini Centre – Electrical Energy and Energy Systems

Research Director

Dept. of Electrical Engineering at NTNU and departments Energy Systems and Electric Power Technology at SINTEF Energy has a strategic partnership.

The Gemini Centre covers the following areas:

  • Planning and operation of energy supply system
  • Power System Components for generation, transportation, conversion and use of electrical energy.

Since 2006, Norway has a special boost in basic and strategic research on green energy, which has been formalized through the establishment of FME scheme. Within Gemini center is established three FME centers (two in 2009 and one in 2011). Based on this promise and principles set by national strategies that Energi21 and OG21 is gambles within Gemini Centre sharpened against the following topics:

  • Smart Grid
  • Development of systems and technology for subsea power supply (energy and petroleum)
  • Production of renewable energy
  • Condition Monitoring and monitoring of network systems and components

Academic Focus
Gemini Centre's research groups will actively publish and contribute to international research and development community.

Gemini The Centre will support NTNU and SINTEF activities:

  • Education
  • Basic and Strategic Research
  • Contract research
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Management and staff
Gemini Center's Board of Directors:

  • Research Director Dag Eirik Nordgård , SINTEF Energy, Dept. Electric Power Technology
  • Research Director Knut Samdal , SINTEF Energy, Dept. Electric Power Systems
  • The Institute Professor Erling Ildstad, NTNU Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Senior Engineer Halsten Aastebøl, NTNU Department of Electrical Engineering

Contact:  Dag Eirik Nordgård

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