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Global Impact- Gemini Center

Research projects

EVID- Education outcome variability in children with disabilities: Structure, Institution or Agency?​ 

WISE Horizons-  wellbeing, inclusion, sustainability and the economy​ 

OpenMod4Africa- An EU funded Global Collaboration to Empower Africa's Energy Future 


OMEGA: fish Oil MicroEncapsulation Generating fortified food products for improved human health


Future Refrigeration India (INDEE+)

SPRING - Strategic planning for water resources, novel biotechnical treatment solution​    (Contact: Nga Phuong Dang, )

OPTOCE- Ocean Plastic Turned into an Opportunity in Circular Economy

Indo-Nor Project. Treatment, Recycling & Utilisation of Construction & Demolition Waste in Indian Construction Sector

CitRes – Citizen Engagement, Transparency, and transnational Resources governance 

NISA :  Norway-India-South Africa transnational partnership for localising SDGs in urban development education and practice. HOME | NISA-partnership 

Energica : Modelling the national power system of Kenya and devising energy transition strategies along with climate adaptation projections 

GESAMP WG-43”: Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of the Marine Environmental Protection with a working Group on sea-based sources of marine litter (WG 43) funded by UN-FAO, UNEP and IMO

CIRMAN for circular manufacturing 

NORHED II, Hydro Himalaya project

Development of research infrastructure: Turbine Testing Laboratory at Kathmandu University

Development of common conference on hydropower technologies

Addressing Domestic Violence in Antenatal Care Environments 2 (ADVANCE 2)

Maternal and Neonatal Health in Malawi  - MNHM 

Global Health Group, NTNU Global health - Faculty of medicine and health sciences - NTNU 

Humanitarian design: Joint Efforts in the Face of Uncertainty (NFR-2022-2023) Course - Humanitarian Design - TPD4202 - NTNU 

SAMAJ Transdisciplinary Education for a Sustainable Society

Design for Global Health