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Future Refrigeration India (INDEE+)

INDEE+is coordinated by NTNU (dep. of energy and process engineering) and includes several partners, where SINTEF Ocean is one of them. INDEE+ is an umbrella project covering several dededicated projects supporting the Indian refrigeration and Air Conditioning sector towards more environmentally friendly technology.

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The aim of this project, Future Refrigeration India, is to coordinate actions, deliver training courses and demonstration sites to transfer knowledge to the decision makers within the different sectors. Support will be given to:

  • develop R&D programs, to implement demonstration sites in real environments mainly manufactured in India, and to utilize these new sites and existing training facilities to educated (new) experts in the field of refrigeration
  • identify key regulatory hurdles for these low-global warming potential refrigerants to be made accessible and affordable in the Indian market.


The current situation within the refrigeration and AC sector is mainly a debate on how this segment can contribute to achieve the international goals towards climate change, through a refrigerant switch to low- global warming potential refrigerants, enhanced energy efficiency, and identifying not-in-kind technologies, among others; and in creating access to cooling and heating as a result of increased heat stress and climate distress.

The current global CO2 equivalent emissions of the refrigerants are around 2% of the entire CO2 emissions. The European F-gas regulation and the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol are guiding the countries and regions towards a significant reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions form the refrigeration sector. In this regime, Norway is part of the countries which also must take actions to achieve the targets in the first place.

SINTEF Ocean's contribution in INDEE+:

Researchers at SINTEF Ocean have had research and innovation activities within fish processing industry for many years, both in land processing industry and in fishing vessels. Objectives of their work is to improve product quality, reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their main contribution in INDEE+ will be within those topics.

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