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QualiSea - Enhancing and controlling the quality of cultivated seaweeds for large-scale production

The primary objective of QualiSea is to develop methods that ensure a stable and predictable quality, and to optimise the supply chain, for large-scale production of cultivated seaweed.

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This will be achieved by the sub-goals:

  • Identification of factors that affect the stability and quality of fresh biomass and to assess methods for quality control
  • Development of tracking systems for optimisation of the logistics, from harvest to processing
  • Development of cost-efficient preservation methods with or fermentation optimised for food and feed, respectively
  • Assessing the preserved biomass as food and feed ingredients using frozen biomass as reference
  • Establishing digital platforms for logistic optimisation based on data from the project and existing aquaculture industries
  • Development of a supply chain management model, based on models for biorefineries handling land-based biomass

Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2024

The project is financed through the first call of the ERA-BlueBio Co-fund (