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Gemini Centre Sustainability Transitions

The sustainability transitions research field addresses the complex transformation processes needed for key societal services (energy, transport/mobility, food, housing, water/sanitation) to be provided more sustainably.

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The Gemini Centre for Sustainability Transitions has two main aims:

  1. Contribute to developing the sustainability transitions research field in Norway. More specifically, we aim to develop one or more research grant applications (as coordinator or partnering institutions) with international (e.g., EU) funding.
  2. Strengthen research training and education within sustainability transitions research, through courses and/or summer schools. This will be based on existing collaboration between the partners (e.g., FME NTRANS, INTRANSIT).

The Gemini collaboration represents a model for strategic research coordination between parallel research groups at SINTEF, NTNU and the University of Oslo.

The Gemini Centre for Sustainability Transitions is lead by SINTEF Digital (Dept. of Technology Management). Partners include NTNU (Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture) and the University in Oslo (TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture), and researchers in SINTEF Community. The centre aims to contribute to the strengthening of social science sustainability transitions research nationally and internationally.

The partners in the Gemini centre are involved in various research centres and projects, including:

Key Factors

Project duration

2021 - 2024

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Cooperation Partners

SINTEF Digital, Department of Technology Management, Contact person: Senior Research Scientist

University in Oslo, TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, Contact person: Professor


NTNU, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, Contact person: Professor