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eaSi-system - Framework for systematic SDG impacts assessment

SDG impact assessment

  • Direct impacts and interlinkages
    • To determine the direct impacts of the technology on the SDGs, we conduct a literature research. This literature search also forms the basis for the interlinkage assessment between the goals in the context of the technology. To determine in-depth interlinkages, a focus group method (see figure) has been developed. This method will also be translated into an online board game in the future.
  • Value chain impacts
    • To determine the impacts of the technology across global value chains, new value chain indicators are added to the model, such as:
      • GHG emissions
      • Air emissions
      • Household surveys (employment & education)
    • After that, we calculate the SDG effects from value chain indicators. For this, different indicators are used, such as:
      • SDG indicators
      • Proxy indicators
      • Base indicators