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eaSi-system - Framework for systematic SDG impacts assessment

Case studies

Different steps are used when we approach the different case studies, as shown in the figure below. During the case study, we include both the technology experts and the researchers part of the project team. Also, different techniques and types of analyses are used for the different steps of the case study approach. Within the eaSi-system project we conduct three case studies, offshore wind, solar pv and silicon. ​

We also will use (parts of) the eaSi-system methodology for other technologies, across different projects:​

  • Batteries: EU HYDRA, EU IntelLiGent, EU TREASoURcE, KSP SUMBAT​
  • Hydrogen: FME HYDROGENi, SIP HyPla, H2GLASS​
  • KS Klimapositive Løsninger​
  • Bio-energy: EU Valuable, EU Sempre Bio​
eaSi-system: case study steps