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The ReGenWool project focused on chemical recycling of low-grade wool and post-consumer wool waste, and utilizing the recycled materials to generate new materials.

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A transition from a linear economy to a circular one will be necessary to tackle the challenges related to the unsustainable use of finite resources. This transition drives the increased efforts on possibilities to recycle materials. By regenerating a new biodegradable product produced out of low valued materials and/or waste, added value can be created, which can be of importance to farmers and highlight the possibility of creating a new business. 

The ReGenWool project developed a mild chemical recycling process to extract keratin from both low grade wool fibres and chicken feathers. A flexible membrane was regenerated successfully from the extracted wool keratin. The membrane could be used either as free-standing membrane or as a coating on other substrates. The project also achieved textile conversion, where keratin was blended with another biobased material (cellulose) and converted into a new filament yarn. The project also investigated the possibility of converting the yarn into fabrics. 

The project was a collaboration between Helly Hansen AS, Norilia AS, and SINTEF. It was an innovation project financed by the Research Council of Norway under the BIA programme (project no. 269624). 

Picture showing the value chain


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01/01/2017 - 31/12/2021