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ELEGANCY – Enabling a Low-Carbon Economy via Hydrogen and CCS

Project programme

Decisions on full-scale CCS deployment need to be made as a matter of urgency in order for Europe to achieve the steep build-out required to deliver on the Paris Agreement – and avoid irreversible climate change. ELEGANCY is designed specifically to provide the knowledge needed to make such decisions on an informed basis.

Primary objective:
Fast-track the decarbonization of Europe's energy system by exploiting the synergies between two key low-carbon technologies: CCS and H2. To this end, ELEGANCY will:

  • Develop and demonstrate effective CCS technologies with high industrial relevance.
  • Identify and promote business opportunities for industrial CCS enabled by H2 as a key energy carrier by performing five national case studies.
  • Validate key elements of the CCS chain by frontier pilot- and laboratory-scale experiments using inter alia ECCSEL and EPOS research infrastructure.
  • Optimize combined systems for H2 production and H2-CO2 separation by combining basic science with the technology developments necessary for increased TRL of these systems.
  • De-risk storage of CO2 produced from NG reforming for H2 production by providing experimental data and validated models.
  • Enable safe, cost-efficient design and operation of key elements of the CCS chain by developing cutting edge, innovative design and simulation tools.
  • Provide an open source techno-economic design and operation simulation tool for the full CCS chain, including H2 as energy carrier.
  • Assess societal support of key elements of CCS, enabling early identification and mitigation of risks.

ELEGANCY work packages

The comprehensive ELEGANCY research programme is carried out in six work packages.

ELEGANCY work breakdown structure.