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ELEGANCY – Enabling a Low-Carbon Economy via Hydrogen and CCS

H2 supply chain and H2-CO2 separation – WP1

Using the research infrastructure listed in the below table, combined with modelling at the appropriate level of detail, WP1 will:

  • Enable efficient H2 production and CO2 capture at different plant sizes.
  • Find ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of natural gas/biogas reforming and CO2/H2 separation independently of the plant size.
  • Integrate H2 production and CO2 capture with significant industrial processes such as steel pro-duction
  • Characterize the properties of H2 mixed with CO2, CO, and CH4.

The research spans the range from the phenomenon level (RUB) via lab-scale experiments (ETH and ECN) to the pre-pilot scale (ECN).

Research infrastructure included in WP1.
Description Scale Partner
Adsorption infrastructure (ECCSEL): PSA and TSA (pressure and thermal swing adsorption) facilities for H2 and CO2 separation from gas mixtures. The fully-automated rig design mimics commercial equipment in medium-to-small scale NG-based H2 production plants. The PSA will be updated to VPSA (vacuum PSA). Lab-scale ETH
Spider High throughput test equipment, cyclic adsorbent analyser Lab-scale ECN
Single- and multi-column reactive PSA/TSA equipment for operation under industrial conditions up to full cycle demonstration Pre-pilot, TRL 5 ECN
Equipment for accurate measurements of density, speed of sound and dielectric permittivity of CO2/CO/H2 systems Lab-scale RUB


Schematic representation of the H2 production process with CO2 capture considered in WP1. Key technologies and processes that will be advanced in ELEGANCY are highlighted with coloured boxes. Task 1.4 will provide accurate thermodynamic property models relevant for the indicated processes.

WP1 consists of the following tasks.

  • Task 1.1 H2 production with PSA/VPSA (ETH, UU)
  • Task 1.2 H2 production with SEWGS (ECN, MEFOS)
  • Task 1.3 System integration and optimization (ETH, UU)
  • Task 1.4 Thermodynamic property models (RUB)

Contact: , ETH Zürich

Research-performing partners: ETH, PSI, ECN, MEFOS, RUB, UU