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Energy analyse of production site Tynset


An energy analyse and simplified exergy analyse was performed for the production facility from Nortura in Tynset. Tynset is producing dry-cured ham products with a production time from 3 month to 24 month. Additional dry-cured lamb products are produced depending on seasonal variations.

The energy supply for the production is typical for dry-cured products and similar energy solutions are in used in Europe. The process and required process control is characterized and dominated by a combined cooling and heating demand for the drying process. In todays production the first energy system is supplying the cooling demand while a second energy system is supplying the heat demand.

A combined cooling and heating energy supply system was developed and suggested which will re-use the excess energy from the drying systems. The developed concept is similar to heat pump drying and has the potential to reduce the specific energy consumption by up 50%.