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Enabling Low-Emission LNG Systems

It is essential for improving the existing units and processes, or developing new and more efficient ones, to have a thorough insight in the underlying physical behaviour of the fluid streams involved. Hence, fundamentals for multilevel modelling of LNG processes are directly linked to the development of low-emission LNG plants.

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Melkøya september 2008 Photo: Eiliv Leren - Statoil

In this competence building project (KMB) we want to facilitate sustainable production of natural gas by developing knowledge, competence and tools, which will enable evaluation, design and operation of innovative, environmentally safe, cost-effective and energy-efficient LNG systems.

The challenges related to developing and operating energy-efficient and hence low-emission LNG plants will addressed along three main lines in the project: Developing physically-based input to the heat-exchanger models, improving the heat-exchanger modelling in itself, and refining the methods for LNG-process evaluation. These naturally define three subprojects (SPs), as illustrated.

Key Factors

Project duration

2009 - 2014