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Enabling Low-Emission LNG Systems


Dette er en underside. Du kan legge til og endre undersidene til prosjektet i sidetreet i menyen til venstre.

Main objective:
Develop knowledge and tools enabling evaluation, operation and design of innovative, environmentally safe, cost-effective, and energy-efficient LNG systems.

Secondary objectives:

  • Improve the fundamental understanding of the underlying phenomena occurring in LNG equipment by a combination of laboratory experiments and mathematical modelling and computations.
  • Strengthen the capability of operating and designing efficient and robust LNG heat exchangers with two-phase cryogenic flows.
  • Enable robust and detailed evaluation of LNG processes by integrating physical heat-exchanger models with process simulators as well as improving the formulation of optimization problems and addressing operability.
  • Enable the partner enterprises to take challenging roles in developing gas reserves and operating gas processing plants.
  • Educate 3 PhDs and 1 postdocs.