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Enabling Low-Emission LNG Systems

Research and organization

The challenges related to developing and operating energy-efficient and hence low-emission LNG plants will addressed along three main lines in the project: Developing physically-based input to the heat-exchanger models, improving the heat-exchanger modelling in itself, and refining the methods for LNG-process evaluation. These naturally define three subprojects (SPs), as illustrated.

Two-phase flow phenomena in LNG processes

Investigations on a detailed level:

  • Droplet and film phenomena
  • Two-phase flows, instabilities and heat transfer in confined geometries

LNG heat exchanger modelling

Investigations on the level of components and component parts:

  • Robust heat exchanger modelling
  • Two-phase flow distribution and instabilities in heat exchangers and manifolds

Evaluation of LNG processes

  • Methods and tools for LNG process analysis
  • Evaluation of LNG processes

Overview of the project.