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Flow phenomena

Flow phenomena

We develop specialized models and methods related to the flow of gases and liquids, and which is unavailable in commercial software. We have several in-house 1D and 3D CFD codes. Furthermore, we take part in the design of laboratory set-ups to be used for model development. We deliver data, analyses of models and methods, or software.

We work within these areas:

  • CO2 transport and injection – essential to safe and efficient CO2 capture and storage (CCS)
    • Depressurization and pressure-wave propagation
    • Coupling between thermo and fluid dynamics
    • The effect of impurities on the thermophysical properties and the flow
    • Coupled fluid-structure model to predict running-ductile fracture in CO2-transport pipelines (collaboration with SINTEF Industry)
    • Heat transfer through pipes and wells
  • Detailed flow modelling for LNG heat exchangers
  • Oil-water separation, including advanced modelling of drop dynamics in an electric field (electrocoalescence)
  • Heat transfer using magnetic nanofluids, including pumping without moving parts
  • Supervision of PhD and master candidates in collaboration with NTNU

Our researchers have their background from energy and environmental engineering, physics and mathematics, chemistry and nanotechnology. We strive to achieve a high quality of work, and we have developed our proper code development and testing system.

Relevant projects