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Electrical charging infrastructure

Electrification of the transport sector is key to reaching the national and international targets for reduction of local and global emissions.

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Large-scale electrification of transport on road, rail, sea and in air requires reliable and efficient charging infrastructure.

In the future, the demand for charging capacity will be orders of magnitude larger than today. Heavy vehicles, buses and coaches, non-electrified railways, large vessels, and short haul flights will have larger batteries that require fast charging. This will pose challenges in the distribution and transmission grid, including new types of stresses on components and reduced power quality. SINTEF therefore works with development of solutions for the electrical charging infrastructure of the future.

We work within these areas:

  • Infrastructure for conductive (plug-based) charging
  • Infrastructure for inductive (wireless) charging
  • Stresses on components due to varying loads, overloads and harmonic content
  • Stationary batteries integrated with fast-charging stations
  • System integration of large-scale charging infrastructure, and the impact on grid stability, system reliability and costs

Typical projects for us are:

  • Development of load profiles for electric vehicles and vessels
  • Evaluation of the risk of corrosion during charging and shore power connection
  • Assessment of the impact from power electronics on power quality
  • Determination of thermal stresses on components
  • Cost-benefit analyses regarding grid developments and alternatives such as stationary batteries

The methods we use are:

  • Modelling and simulations
  • Laboratory experiments
  • Field measurements

Why choose SINTEF?

SINTEF has the necessary competence and research infrastructure, including world class laboratories, to conduct R&D activities of high quality. We are the largest independent research institution in Scandinavia, and have extensive experience with national, European and global projects. Our projects are implemented in close collaboration with our customers, other relevant parts of SINTEF and NTNU.

Who are we doing this for?

  • Grid companies
  • Energy companies
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Transport companies
  • Authorities

Relevant projects

  • FuChar – Grid and Charging Infrastructure of the Future
  • ELinGo – Electrification of heavy freight transport
  • DynKap – Dynamisk kapasitet i framtidens kabelnett
  • IntegER – Integration of energy storage in the distribution grid

Relevant laboratories