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Optimization in Aviation

Optimised Air Traffic Control (ATC) involves organizing and controlling the flow of traffic in a safe and efficient manner both at airports and in the air.

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With the growing number of flights, it is increasingly more difficult for air traffic controllers to make every time the best possible decision such that each passenger has an on-time and efficient flight experience.

This is why SINTEF has developed the SINTEF ATC Optimization Service. Any ATC software can easily interact with this service in order to present air traffic controllers with the best possible decisions at any point in time. Its functionality has been validated in close collaboration with our world-leading software partners and Air Navigation Service Providers. A brochure on the SINTEF ATC Optimization Service can be found here.

Through the NATMIG consortium, SINTEF is a member of the large Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) Programme. For general information on the SESAR Joint Undertaking and SINTEF's activities, click here. Currently, the Optimization Group at SINTEF Digital is involved in six SESAR projects:

For general information on aviation activities in SINTEF, click here.

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