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Additive manufacturing (3D printing) for the building and construction sector

3D printing has been in use in the construction industry for years, mainly to create architectural models and prototypes of buildings. However, we will soon see more technology on the construction site.

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Additive manufacturing technologies make it possible to build structures in inaccessible environments (e.g. on the moon), and one can construct architecturally unique buildings with irregular shapes and complex connections.

But technology has a fantastic potential to create better housing for most people. Additive manufacturing makes it possible to tailor buildings to the local climate and the users' wishes and needs without additional costs.

We work within the following fields:

  • Development of processes
  • Optimization of workflow
  • Value chain assessment

Typical projects include:
SINTEF, NTNU and other R&D environments collaborate with construction companies to develop the high-tech construction processes of the future - for more competitiveness, efficiency, quality and adaptation to customer needs and local conditions.

Why choose SINTEF?
To take advantage of the possibilities of additive manufacturing, one must think new throughout the entire construction process - from planning and engineering to construction and use. Pioneering technologies such as additive manufacturing and robotization will require new expertise from the authorities and builders in the design team, factory hall, and construction site.