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Workshop with presentations on Thermal Energy Storage for industry, building and marine applications

There is an increase in demand, innovation and development of thermal energy storage (TES) technologies, both for warm and cold applications. TES technologies are cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and allow reduced peak demands and load shifting.


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SINTEF will arrange a TES workshop to gather researchers and stakeholders interested in the topic. Applications and opportunities for different TES technologies will be presented and discussed, from low to high temperatures and for applications in industry, buildings and marine sectors.

The TES workshop is facilitated by the research projects FME HighEFF, KSP PCM-STORE, KSP CruiZE, KPN CoolFish & FME ZEN.


PCM heat storage facility at ZEB Lab
PCM heat storage facility at ZEB Lab. Photo: A. Sevault, SINTEF Energy Research

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