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Project portfolio


EU projects

  • SILENSE, ENIAC 2017 - 2019. (Ultra)Sound Interfaces and Low Energy Integrated Sensors

  • PETMEM, H2020 2015-2018. Piezoelectronic Transduction Memory Device. The objective is to make a new low voltage memory element. On longer term the technology can be a replacement for CMOS that uses 10x less power.

  • SAFESENS, ENIAC 2014-2017. Sensor technologies for enhanced safety and security of buildings and its occupants.

  • Lab4MEMS II, ENIAC 2014-2017. Optical MEMS, micro-mirrors and pico-projectors.

  • Lab4MEMS, ENIAC Nanoelectronics framework 2013-2015. Establish a European Pilot Line for key enabling technologies on advanced piezoelectric and magnetic materials, including advanced 3D Packaging technologies.
  • EM-Safety, 7th FP 2011-2014. Aims at increasing the public confidence in the safety regarding electromagnetic fields in fully electric vehicles.
  • piezoVolume, 7th FP 2010-2013. High volume piezoelectric thin film production process for microsystems.
  • e-BRAINS, 7th FP, 2010-2013. Best-Reliable Ambient Intelligent Nano Sensor Systems.
  • ESiP, ENIAC Call2, 2010-2013, Efficient Silicon Multi-Chip System-in-Package Integration
  • JEMSiP_3D, ENIAC Call1, 2009-2012, Joint Equipment & Materials for System-in-Package and 3D Integration
  • HISVESTA, 7th FP 2009-2011. Continuation of HASTAC.
  • VECTOR, 6th FP, 2006 - 2010. Versatile Endoscopic Capsule for gastrointestinal TumOr Recognition and therapy. The objective of the VECTOR project is to develop intelligent endoscopic capsules using innovations in micro- and nanotechnology.
  • e-CUBES, 6th FP, 2006 - 2009. Develops key micro-system technologies for the 3D integration of various heterogeneous layers.
  • MICROBUILDER, 6th FP, 2006 - 2009. The goal of microBUILDER is to provide industry with a simple and cost-effective access to mixed technology development and manufacturing of sensors, actuators and microfluidic systems.
  • MicroActive, 6th FP, 2005 - 2008. Automatic detection of disease related molecular cell activity. Microfluidics and biotechnology form the basis for the development.
  • HASTAC, 6th FP, 2004 - 2008. HASTAC will contribute to increase the safety in all in-flight situations, particularly low visibility situations, by improving the transducers used in Air Data Computers (ADC) for aircraft applications.
  • MEMS-pie, 6th FP, 2004 - 2007. The aim of the MEMS-pie project was to develop validated procedures for integration of piezoelectric thin films into micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) on an industrial scale.
  • SENPIMAG, 6th FP, 2004 - 2006. A Project to develop new actuators/devices/smart materials combining piezoelectric and magnetic materials.