The EM-Safety project

The EM-Safety project aims at increasing public confidence in the safety of fully electric vehicles (FEV) regarding electromagnetic fields (EMF).

In the EM-Safety project there are ten partners, representing industry, institutes, and universities. The main project results can be found under Project results and Publications.

Electromagnetic safety

Depending on the magnitude and frequency of the field, exposure to an electromagnetic field may affect both electronic components and biological matter. International standards exist to ensure that the products placed on the market are safe. Electromagnetic safety includes two important aspects that concern both product exposure and human exposure:

  • The products should not be affected by electromagnetic fields present in the environment in a way that may cause harmful effects for the product or its surroundings. 
  • The products should not give rise to electromagnetic fields that may cause harmful effects to the surroundings.
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Coordinator: Andreas Vogl, SINTEF FP7
Duration: 1st May 2011 - 1st February 2014
EU contract FP7-SST-265772 in the Sustainable Surface Transport call in Framework Program 7.