HISVESTA - HIgh Stability VErtical SeparaTion Altimeter instruments
FP7 STREP project, Aeronautics, 2009-2011

MEMS technology reaches for the sky

HISVESTA is the next step in solving the remaining RTD challenges after the successful HASTAC project in FP6. The project will develop a new generation of altimetry module, suitable for fixed wing and rotary wing applications, which will give altitude accuracy capabilities significantly improved over those currently available today. Air Data Computer and aircraft flight testing performed in the project will demonstrate the effectiveness of the performance improvement.

MEMS sensors, sensor package and transducer

HISVESTA at Aerodays 2011

HISVESTA was present at 6th European Aeronautics Days in Madrid 30/03/ - 01/04/2011. The theme for Aerodays 2011 was  'Innovation for sustainable aviation in a global environment'.

Representatives from the project was present at an exhibition booth and gave a presentation as part of the technical programme. Download presentation and slideshow.

Head of EC transport program, Mr. Liam Breslin and Clean Sky program coordinator, Mr. Marco Brusati together with SINTEF and MEMSCAP representatives in front of HISVESTA presentation at AeroDays 2011               

New pressure sensors and digital transducers

A new generation of silicon MEMS barometric and high temperature pressure sensors and fully compensated and digitized Transducers will be developed in the project.

An evaluation kit for the new TP4000 transducer is available as one of the first visible results from the project. [Read more]

Innovative sensor technology for altimetry and engine control applications

A significant result from the project will be a prototype high temperature pressure transducer unit utilizing new technology and methods for thermal compensation, linearization and long term stability prediction. The trasducer technology is designed for FADECs (Full Authority Digital Engine Control Unit), cabin pressure control systems and other segments.

Download project article from the Parliament magazine special edition on Avionics.

HISVESTA - HIgh Stability VErtical SeparaTion Altimeter instruments

Thematic priority: Transport - Aeronautics
EC-contract: ACP7-GA-2008-213729
Project coordinator: SINTEF, Norway
Duration: 30 months, start date: 1 January 2009

, SINTEF, project coordinator