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Environmental and biochemical analysis

Environmental and biochemical analysis

SINTEF Ocean offers chemical analysis of emerging and priority pollutants, petroleum products and biomolecules. With our advanced analytical platform, we tailor analytical solutions to each project. We co-operate closely with laboratories across SINTEF to offer advanced analysis for any research need.

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We have in-house expertise in the development, optimization and validation of analytical methodologies, and can quickly adapt methods to new challenges. For analysis of complex analytical data sets, we apply multivariate statistical methods.

Advanced characterization of priority and emerging pollutants

  • Characterization of complex, environmental mixtures using two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry (GCxGC-qToFMS)
  • Analysis of emerging pollutants by GC-MS/MS and/or LC-MS/MS
  • Identification of biotransformation products and metabolites
  • Microplastic and polymer analysis by thermal desorption and pyrolysis GC-MS
  • We offer both traditional and state-of-the art sample preparation for any sample matrix (including water, sediments and biota)

Petroleum analysis and crude oil fingerprinting

  • Analysis of total petroleum hydrocarbons, target saturates and aromatic hydrocarbons (> 100 target analytes) are performed with GC-FID and GC-MS. Our analysis includes an extended suite of parent and alkyl-substituted PAHs and phenols.
  • Oil spill fingerprinting according to CEN Guideline CEN/TR15522-2:2012
  • Highly sensitive GC tandem MS (GC-MS/MS) is used to analyse PAHs and alkylphenols in small volumes and organisms

Gas and volatiles analysis

  • An extended list of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including C5-C10 saturates and C0-C5 monoaromatic compounds, are analysed by purge and trap gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (P&T GC-MS)
  • Climate gases can be analysed by GC-FID

Advanced characterization of biomolecules

  • Lipidomics and pigment characterization by LC-MS/MS
  • Metabolomics by NMR

Particle characterization

  • Analysis of droplets and particulates by Coulter Counter
  • Nanoparticle measurements with Zetasizer

Fate and effect studies closely linked to analytical chemistry

In our environmental laboratories we furthermore offer a wide range of both standardized and customized fate and effect studies to investigate the fate and impact of emerging and priority pollutants as well as micro-/nanoparticles in freshwater and marine eco-systems. We offer solutions for whole effluent testing (WET) and effect-directed analysis (EDA).

Published 24 May 2018
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