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Current projects using ElpowerLab:

  • KSP FastTrans Insulation stressed with fast rise time repetitive voltages from high voltage power electronics 2018 2022
  • KSP SwoP Impact of switched voltage waveforms on power components and grids 2023 2027
  • KSP NewLift New Dielectric Liquids for Power Transformers 2021 2025
  • KSP DynaLoad Dynamic loading of transformer insulation 2023 2027
  • EU HE-ART Hybrid Electric propulsion system for regional AiRcrafT 2023 2025
  • KSP New gases for GIS Long-term reliability and fundamental understanding of insulation properties 2021 2025
  • KSP SeaConnect High voltage subsea connections for resilient renewable offshore grids 2023 2027
  • KSP REWARD Reliability of eco-friendly cables in the future grid 2023 2027


KSP - Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project partly funded by the Research Council of Norway.