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SeaConnect - High voltage subsea connections for resilient renewable offshore grids

Tapping into Norwegian offshore territories for clean offshore wind power requires the massive deployment of subsea power transmission infrastructure to reliably transport the energy to shore with minimum losses.

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Project goals:

  • To develop new materials and designs for offshore power grid components which are at the highest risk for failure: namely cable terminations and subsea connectors. 
  • To significantly increase the breakdown strength and lifetime of cable connectors and terminations by essentially controlling and increasing the interfacial pressure between the components using a new design principle and tailor-made materials. This will, in addition, facilitate higher voltage ratings (> 66 kV) without significant increase in cost, areal or environmental footprint of the infrastructure, a prerequisite for future cost-competitive subsea grids.

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This is a Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project partly financed by the Research Council of Norway.


Key Factors

Project duration

2023 - 2027

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