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Material characterisation

All instruments for material characterization are installed at ElpowerLab localized at SINTEF Energy Lab at Blakli in Trondheim. The lab also contains all basic infrastructure for laboratory work. 

3D Optical Profiler

Model: Contour GT-K 3D Optical Profiler
Manufacturer: BRUKER

Contact persons:
Hans Helmer Sæternes and Jorunn Hølto

Technique: Non-Contact Surface Metrology Measurement based on interferometry of wither white or green light.

  • Two objectives: 5x and 50x
  • Two extra lenses: 0.55x and 2x
  • Electronic xy-stage and height control 
  • 3 measurement modes
    • VSI: white light with vertical resolution 3 nm
    • VXI: extension of VSI with additional data processing
    • PSI: green light with vertical resolution < 0.1 nm
3D Optical Profiler

Dielectric response

Instrument name: Novocontrol Alpha-A analyser 

Contact persons: Øystein Hestad and Dag Linhjell 

The Alpha-A analyser from Novocontrol can be used to analyse dielectric materials over a broad range of frequencies and temperatures ( 3 µHz – 40 MHz, -35 to 150 °C). The system is currently limited to low voltage (up to 3 V)1, but can be used on a wide range of objects/materials. Dielectric response can be measured either using custom built setups, with a liquid/powder sample cell, or the test cell provided with the temperature control system. The system is computer controlled, and both frequency and temperature sweeps can be automatically run.

1 Currently up to 3V. The test fixtures are adapted for 300 V but this required equipment not currently available at Elpowerlab 

The system consists of the following main parts (links provide additional information): 



DMA - Dynamical Mechanical Analysis

Model: 242 E/1/G Artemis
Manufacturer: Netzsch

Contact persons:
Jorunn Hølto and Cedric Lesaint

Model: DMA 242 E/1/G Artemis
Manufacturer: Netzsch-Gerätebau GmbH

Range of different variables:

  • High force range with total force 24 N: 0 - 12 N static and 0.005 - 12 N dynamic load and resolution 0.001 N dynamic and 0.002 N static
  • High resolution range with total force 8 N: 0 - 4 N static and 0.002 - 4 N dynamic load and resolution 0.0003 N dynamic and 0.0006 N static
  • Measuring frequencies: 0.01 Hz - 100 Hz (25 fixed frequencies)
  • Temperature range: - 170 to 600 °C

Available sample holders:

  • Three-point bending
  • Compression or penetration
  • Tension

More information on the analyzer

DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimeter – with high pressure cell

Model: HP DSC827e
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Contact person: Torbjørn Andersen Ve

Differential Scanning Calorimeter with high pressure cell making measurements possible from 1 to 100 atm in oxygen or nitrogen atmosphere.

  • Temperature range: RT to 700 C.
  • Sensor resolution < 0.04 µW
  • Water cooling available.

DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimeter – with LN cooling

Model: DSC822e
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Contact person: Torbjørn Andersen Ve

  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter for calorimetric measurements of small samples, typical crucible size 40 µL.
  • Liquid nitrogen cooling makes low temperature measurements possible, expanding the temperature range to -150 to 500 °C.
  • The ceramic sensor has sensitivity 15 µV and resolution < 0.04 µW.
DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimeter – with LN cooling

FTIR Imaging Microscope

Model: 670/620 FTIR Imaging Microscope
Manufacturer: AGILENT

Instrument responsible: Jorunn Hølto and Cedric Lesaint

FTIR Imaging Microscope for liquids and solid materials. The spectrometer has resolution 0.06 cm-1, a separate sample compartment for macroscopic samples and an ATR for rapid analysis of both solid and liquids. The interferometer is air bearing for high signal-to-noise ratio. The connected microscope has a FPA detector to render rapid FTIR Imaging possible, and a 4x plus 25x objective for a spatial resolution down to 1.4 µm at 3750 cm-1. A slide-on ATR can be used for characterization of the surface of non-reflective samples.

FTIR Imaging Microscope
FTIR Imaging Microscope

GCMS - Gas Chromatograpoh - Mass Spectrometer

Model: Agilent 7820A & Jeol Q1500 turbopump MS
Manufacturer: Agilent and Jeol

Contact persons:
Cedric Lesaint and Jorunn Hølto




Laboratory weight

Sample preparation - Laboratory weight

Model: ABT 100 5NM
Manufacturer: KERN

Contact person: Jorunn Hølto

  • Resolution: 0.01 mg
  • Min load 1 mg
  • Max load 101 mg

Motorized microtome

Sample preparation - Motorized microtome

Model: MT 990
Manufacturer: RMC Boeckeler

Contact person: Jorunn Hølto

  • Motorized microtome with option for manual operation.
  • Knife holders for disposable steel knives and glass knives.
  • Section thickness 0.25-30 µm and max sample width 50 mm.
  • With stereomicroscope and separate glass knife maker.

Optical microscope - Zeiss

Digital microscope

Model: Discovery V12
Manufacturer: Zeiss

Contact person: Hans Helmer Sæternes

  • Motorized 12:1 zoom
  • Illumination and contrast methods based on LEDs

STA - Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

Model: STA 449 F3 Jupiter
Manufacturer: Netzsch

Contact persons:
Jorunn Hølto and Cedric Lesaint

The Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer render combined measurements of mass change and thermal effects possible. Two sample holders are available, for TG-DSC or TG measurements in a furnace with temperature range RT-1600 °C. Other furnaces are also available, with possibility for controlled relative humidity or liquid nitrogen cooling. The STA is directly coupled to a GC-MS for analysis of the bi-products produced during decomposition of a sample in defined atmospheres.

  • Digital resolution of weight: 0.1 µg
  • Max initial weight: 35 g
  • Enthalpy range: 0-30 000 J/g (accuracy ± 3%)
  • Specific heat range: 10-5000 

Thermal conductivity meter

Model: TPS 2500 S
Manufacturer: Hot Disk AB

Contact persons:
Knut Liland and Jorunn Hølto

Measuring range: 0.005 W/mK to > 500 W/mK Temperature range: - 40 to 180 °C

Standard geometry based on thin sensor placed between two flat samples

Options include:

  • Anisotropic module
  • One-dimensional module
  • Thin-film module
  • Specific heat capacity module

TMA - Thermal Mechanical Analyzer

Model: 402 F3 Hyperion
Manufacturer: Netzsch

Contact persons:
Jorunn Hølto and Cedric Lesaint

The TMA measures length change during application of a static or dynamic force application. It is equipped with two sample holders for expansion or penetration measurements and two furnaces with different temperature ranges, which easily can be exchanged.

Measuring range / Digital resolution
500 µm / 1.25 nm
5000 µm / 0.125 nm

Sample holders and temperature range

  • Expansion or penetration with maximum sample size (alumina) In furnace temperature range RT to 1250 OC with optional humidity control
  • Expansion or penetration with maximum sample size L 30 mm and Ø 12 mm (fused silica) in furnace with temperature range -150 to 1000 OC with LN cooling
  • Furnace with temperature range RT to 1600 OC also available