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Thiago Lima Silva

Research Scientist

Thiago Lima Silva is a researcher focusing on optimization-based decision support systems for industrial challenges, leveraging his expertise in systems and automation engineering, computer science, and operations research. He plays a key role in several energy-focused projects, evaluating new technologies and processes for their techno-economic viability and impact on value chains.


B.Sc. (2010) in Computer Science, UFBA, Brazil
M.Sc. (2012) in Systems and Automation Eng. , UFSC, Brazil
Ph.D. (2017) in Systems and Automation Eng., UFSC, Brazil with
Research Stay (2015-2016) at Eng. Cybernetics, NTNU, Norway
Postdoc (2018-2021) in BRU21, NTNU, Norway

Competence and research areas

Modeling and optimization applied to industrial problems
Development of model- and data-based decision-support tools
Techno-economic assessments of processes and technologies
Integrated techno-economic and life-cycle assessments
Value chain optimization under uncertainty



Contact info

Visiting address:
S P Andersens vei 3