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SUMBAT - Sustainable Materials for the Battery Value Chain

SUMBAT will be the first transition step towards creating the most sustainable battery value chain in the world, in Norway.

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Norway has the potential to build a sustainable, circular value chain within battery material production.

SUMBAT will be the first step to create the most sustainable battery value chain in the world, established in Norway. The project's expected results and effects

  • Reduce CO2-footprint from Norwegian battery production
  • Commercialization of Norwegian battery industries
  • Enable the emerging Norwegian battery ecosystem to create employment
  • Reach the full value creation potential for the Norwegian battery segment (18 M€/year in 2050)
  • Provide access to open infrastructure for new industrial innovations for development of battery materials and cells
  • Develop digital tools for predicting battery lifetime/degradation and safety
  • Contribute to the transition to a circular economy by introducing recycled materials in the production of new batteries
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The project consists of five industry driven subprojects financed by Innovation Norway, one subproject on infrastructure financed by SIVA and one competence building project (SUMBAT-KSP), financed by The Research Council of Norway.

Key Factors

Project duration

2022 - 2025