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IntelLiGent - Innovative and sustainable high-voltage Li -ion cells for next generation (EV) batteries

Innovative and sustainable high voltage Li -ion cells for next generation (EV) batteries (IntelLiGent) will pave the way to sustainable European generation 3B Li-ion batteries with increased energy density (≥ 350 Wh/kg) by an optimized high voltage spinel cathode paired with a high-capacity silicon graphite composite anode.

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IntelLiGent will address the issues restraining the use of high voltage cathodes and high-capacity composite anodes by a multifaceted approach, where material optimisation will go hand in hand with advanced electrolytes utilising enhanced passivating capabilities. Concomitantly, the classical inactive parts of the battery cell will be equipped with self-mitigating and healing capabilities ensuring a high cycle life by restraining parasitic reactions and upholding the electrode structures.

The experimental set-up will be guided by advanced multi scale modelling. The road to success is ensured by strong industry commitment along the value chain with a focus on sustainability. The project will demonstrate pilot scale production and achieve TRL 6. Vianode will optimise sustainable silicon graphite composite produced by Norwegian hydropower allowing for high reversible capacities and charge acceptance.

Topsoe together with IREC will further optimise high voltage spinel cathodes delivering a high energy will minimising critical materials such as Li and Ni and abandoning the use of Co from the next battery generation. EMPA together with Elyte Innovations will optimise the electrolyte to allow for high cycle life while SINTEF will design and synthesise functionalsied cell components to further aid stable operation. In team with the University of Oxford, SINTEF will develop advanced modelling tools to guide IntelLiGent chemistries and to predict performance parameters.

Interim piloting will be done at the laboratories of the Austrian institute of technologies before the final IntelLigent cell will be produced at Customcells and integrated into customised EV modules at Millor battery. A strong emphasis on sustainability is set and IREC together with SINTEF will monitor the sustainability of the IntelLigent solutions throughout the project.

  • Project duration: 2022 - 2025
  • Total budget: 6.8 M €
  • Funding source: Funded by the European Union

IntelLiGent will develope safe, sustainable, long-lasting generation 3b Li-ion batteries with high-voltage cathodes and high-capacity silicon-graphite anodes.

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Project duration

2022 - 2025

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