31.5.2011 Norwegian work-shop on company specific Production Systems
It has become hugely popular to develop and deploy company-specific Production Systems (XPS) in manufacturing companies. Often XPS are corporate Lean manufacturing programs, heavily inspired from Toyota Production System.

The overall aim is increased competitiveness through controlled coordination and standardisation of operational efforts in the international manufacturing network. CRI Norman, the NTNU Globalisation Programme, and SMARTLOG arranges the 31. May 2011 a closed work shop on company-specific Production Systems (XPS) and their role in future international manufacturing. 

Attendandts come from Volvo, Jotun, Hydro, Elkem, Ulstein, EFD Induction, Beneteler, SINTEF and NTNU. Prof. Ralf Neuhaus from IfaA, Germany, is an invited speaker. Please contact Torbjørn Netland for any inquires about the work shop.

Publisert 3. juni 2011