Main objective

Provide fundamental material and packaging knowledge for supporting realisation of reliable Pressure Tolerant Power Electronic (PTPE)components and circuits for operation depths down to 5000m.

  • Identify roadmaps and possible material solutions for enabling PTPE converters up to medium voltage levels (6.6kV AC, 15kV DC)
  • Characterize and demonstrate alternative materials for electric insulation of PTPE
  • Find alternative methods for packaging of components and power circuits
  • Demonstrate feasible solutions by live hyperbaric experiments on components and power circuits
  • Strengthen the expertise and provide required facilities at SINTEF for optimizing and qualifying materials, components and complete converters
  • Provide guidelines for design, test and qualification of PTPE solutions, and support upgrade of prevailing standards and specifications
  • Accomplish one Post Doc scholarship on insulating material investigations

A pioneering research project financed by The Research Council of Norway, PETROMAX 2 programme and industry partners.

  • Total budget 22 MNOK (2.5M€) whereof 11 MNOK from The Research Council of Norway

  • Duration 2012-2016