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Main Tasks

  1. Provide a roadmap for PTPE
    This task mainly addresses the technology challenges faced, especially those related to insulating material problems, followed by discussions and plans to solve them in subsequent tasks.
  2. Requirements for materials and insulation systems
    Will include a detailed mapping and identification of stresses that may occur on materials inside a converter.
  3. Feasible material candidates and material combinations
    This will be the most comprehensive task involving fundamental as well as applied material research on the performance of the materials.
  4. Alternative packaging options for components and circuits
    This is another main task involving studies on possibilities and problems with alternative packaging options for components and circuits.
  5. Realize PTPE component test objects and testing
    Addresses the need to provide test objects for investigating proposed solutions in task 4 and for providing components for live testing in task 6.
  6. Build, test and verify feasible solutions by experiments on complete power circuits
    Addresses the need to establish representative PTPE test-circuits that can demonstrate the applicability of PTPE solution proposed in task 5.
  7. Provide test and qualification methods
    Aims to provide support for preparing test and qualification methods for commercial PTPE products.
  8. Post Doc on investigations of insulating materials
    For two years in collaboration with NTNU – Topics from task 3