This is CEMCAP

CEMCAP is a project funded by Horizon 2020 addressing CO2 capture from cement production. The primary objective of CEMCAP is to prepare the ground for large-scale implementation of CO2 capture in the European cement industry.

CEMCAP will demonstrate CO2 capture technologies for the cement industry in an industrially relevant environment. Existing pilot-scale test rigs, adapted to replicate realistic cement plant operating conditions, will mainly be employed, and in addition a dedicated clinker cooler for oxyfuel cement plants will be designed and built. Cost and energy efficient retrofit of the capture technologies will be targeted, with focus on maintained product quality.

CEMCAP project members visiting the HeidelbergCement plant in Lixhe, Belgium.
CEMCAP project members visiting the HeidelbergCement plant in Lixhe, Belgium.


The 10th Trondheim CCS Conference is an internationally leading CCS conference. It was held June 17-19 in Trondheim, Norway. At the Conference, international researchers, policy makers, industry and academia gathered to present and discuss the latest CCS research.


The CEMCAP project ended on October 31st 2018. 

Article published in WORLD CEMENT
CO2 Capture

CEMCAP presentation in video

Short film about the CEMCAP project

Film about the oxyfuel clincer cooler testing

Globally, concrete is the second most used commodity after water, and its use is expected to increase with increased urbanisation.

With concrete however, comes a challenge for climate protection: Cement is a main constituent of concrete, and its production currently generates approximately 7% of man-made CO2 emissions.

The CO2 generation is an inherent part of the cement production process, due to the calcination of the most important raw material, limestone: about 60 % of the CO2 emissions from cement production are due to this conversion, whereas 40% come from the burning of fuels (which are to a large extent fossil) to provide heat.

Energy efficiency measures and use of renewable fuels can therefore only reduce a part of the CO2 emissions.

CEMCAP is a Horizon 2020 project on CO2 capture from cement production.

  • Starting date: May 1st 2015
  • Project duration: 42 months
  • Budget: € 10 030 120.75
  • EU contribution: € 8 778 701
  • Swiss government contribution: CHF 704 118.75
  • Number of partners: 15
  • Coordinator: SINTEF Energy Research