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D3.2 CEMCAP framework for comparative techno-economic analysis of CO2 capture from cement plants



This document provides a framework for comparative techno-economic analysis in the CEMCAP project, where four different CO2 capture technologies are to be evaluated for application in cement plants. It defines a reference cement kiln with description of the main unit, and characteristics of raw material and flue gas. The four capture technologies (oxyfuel, chilled ammonia, membrane assisted liquefaction, and calcium looping), and a reference technology (MEA absorption) are described. Specifications are set for process units (e.g. heat exchangers, compressors etc.) and for the generation of utilities (e.g. steam, electric power etc.). Conditions like the extent of CO2 capture and purity of the produced CO2 are set. Furthermore, relevant economic parameters are defined, and parameters relevant for sensitivity studies are suggested.