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Design and performance of CEMCAP cement plant with MEA post combustion capture


The mass and energy balances of the reference cement plant reproduced by SINTEF-ER based on data from VDZs process model are presented. The possibility for heat recovery at the reference cement plant is assessed. Simulations of CO2 capture from the reference plant with MEA are presented, and a techno-economic evaluation is carried out. In the case where steam was produced by heat recovery at the plant and a natural gas boiler, it was found that the cost of cement would be 81 €/tcement and 71 €/tcement for 90% and 60% CO2 capture rates, respectively. The CO2 avoided cost would be 83 €/tCO2,avoided and 88 €/tCO2,avoided, respectively. However, it was shown that the cost is highly dependent on the scenario for steam production.