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Energy systems

Energy systems

Research Director

We perform modeling and analysis of energy systems with main focus on hydro power, new renewables and transmission grids. In particular, we develop optimization models for hydro power scheduling and transmission planning, perform modeling and analyses in hydrology and watercourse ecology and perform strategic energy system analyses on Nordic and European level.

About Energy systems

Activities range from strategic energy analyses at European level to the integration of several local energy carriers, from analyses of the Nordic power pool to the simulation of rapid electric transients. or from the design of tailored solutions for energy trading to monopoly control and greater efficiency in the distribution network. While historically focusing on electricity, all types of energy carriers and environmental consideration can now be included in such power analyses.

On the one hand we have specialist expertise, on the other we have researchers that work well with others when facing cross-disciplinary challenges of considerable complexity.

The process of energy market deregulation is well under way not just in Europe but in many other parts of the world. As Norway was among the front runners in this process, this has given the Department a head's start in this area. Another area of international interest where the Department has extensive know-how is environmental matters and the related local and global considerations.

The department is located in Sem Saelands Road 11.
Employees Energy Systems.

The department's main activities are in these areas: