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SINTEF Technology and Society will be integrated into other SINTEF institutes from 1 July 2018.

We re-organise the research activities to achieve closer integration of social science and technology research, as well as strengthening research areas such as, health, transport, technology management, safety and security, digital transformation and working life.

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Simulation and Training

Simulation and Training

Simulation and use of simulators in training of different professions has many advantages. Some of them are training in a risk free environments: the surgeon can work without risk to the patient or driver training can take place without risk to other road users or the driver.

In addition, training with the use of simulators and simulation environments provide exposure to stressful situations and unwanted events. Training on simulators can also provide volume training and make training more effective.

SINTEF is including the use of simulators and simulation environments in the training of surgeons, paramedics, driver training and manufactoring processes.

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