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SINTEF contributes to efficient and environmentally friendly energy production from hydropower.

Hydropower is by far the most important electricity production source in Norway today, and will be long into the future. Because of the good storage capacity in Norway's hydropower reservoirs, Norwegian hydropower is a very flexible renewable energy source. This flexibility will be even more important in the future energy market, which will also include increased production from wind and solar.

It is important that environmental aspects are considered early when significant international investments are made in large hydropower developments. Europe's power system is changing rapidly, and Nordic market players are facing important investment decisions related to the possibility of increased flexibility in the production system and more cables to Europe.

SINTEF has broad research expertise in hydropower, ranging from the power grid, market models and production planning to hydrology and the environmental conditions in rivers and around hydropower installations. SINTEF hydropower researchers work so that we can utilize the water resources of the future in the best possible way with the help of market models and tools for optimal production planning, while at the same time ensuring the balance between fish, river ecosystems and power production.

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