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SINTEF is heavily engaged in introduction of hydrogen as energy carrier in the low carbon society

It is evident that hydrogen will be a key to reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only in transport but in a wide range of sectors, including power production and industrial processes. SINTEF provides high level research, technology development as well as decision support along the entire value chain from hydrogen production via transport and distribution to end use.

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All Hydrogen Technologies needed to reach Net Zero

Brussels/Trondheim, 4 mai 2021 – A new study carried out by SINTEF and European partners shows that all hydrogen technologies will play an important role in Europe reaching its zero emissions goals by 2050. The study also shows that to reach these goals in a cost-effective way, it will be necessary to store, by 2050, 1000 times as much CO2 as the first phase of the Longship project plans for.

Enabling the transition to a circular economy

Norway and the EU are prioritising a circular economy agenda to deliver the next generation of jobs, growth and investment. But how can we enable this transition to a circular economy?