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CO2LOS II - CO2 ship transport -new solutions

CO2LOS II - CO2 ship transport -new solutions

Project goal: Develop a toolbox for CO2 transportation, with applicable solutions to reduce the cost of CO2 transportation by utilizing new technology and investigate optimization possibilities in the logistic chain.

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Project goals

''CO2LOS II'' wants to explore what will be the next steps in developing shipping operations:

  • Measures for cost reduction ​
  • Optimal conditions for large varieties of volume and distances ​
  • GHG and local emissions from the shipping operations ​
  • Optimizing shipping solution for the CCS value chain. ​
  • New solutions for cargo transfer, quayside terminal, floating terminal and offshore facilities ​
  • New shipping technology impact on CO2 logistics 

CO2LOS II work packages

  • WP1 CO2 Conditions and design basis​
  • WP2 Shipping technology ​
  • WP3  Logistics/terminal/port technology ​
  • WP4 Offshore unloading ​
  • WP5 Logistics GHG impact​
  • WP6 Low pressure containment design​
  • WP7 CO2 capture on board ships


Project owner for the CO2LOS phase II is Brevik Engineering AS.

  • Equinor
  • Gassco
  • Air Liquide
  • Sogestran group


The project is funded by the Norwegian CLIMIT–Demo programme via Gassnova and the partners.

Published 20 September 2019
Senior Research Scientist
+47 970 26 390

Project duration

2019 - 2020