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BIGCO2 – CO2 Management Technologies for Future Power Generation

BIGCO2 – CO2 Management Technologies for Future Power Generation

Norway is the world’s third largest exporter of oil and number four in natural gas exports, which corresponds to roughly 15 times its total energy demand. However, from enjoying a plentiful hydro-electric paradigm throughout the last century, Norway all of a sudden became a net importer of electricity in the mid 1990-ies, much owing to a preservation act endorsed by three consecutive governments. Hence, a further harnessing of hydrometric areas in Norway has come to a still-stand.

The BIGCO2 R&D Platform builds knowledge and technology underpinning demonstration of power generation with carbon capture and storage (CCS) at industrial scale.

The main objectives of BIGCO2 was to pave the ground for gas power generation that employ CO2 capture and storage with the potential of fulfilling the following compound target.

  • 90 % CO2 Capture Rate
  • 50 % Cost Reduction
  • < 7% Fuel-To-Eletricity Penalty
Published 11 August 2014
Senior Project Manager

Project duration

2007 - 2017