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The Norwegian Ocean Technology Centre

What is ocean space?

The term ocean space refers to areas in, below the surface of, on and next to the ocean and is often connected to the activities that take place there. The activities range from aquaculture, large floating structures, autonomous ships etc, and include all stages in the value chain.

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Norway is a coastal nation with the world’s second longest coastline (behind Canada) - a total of 100,915 km, including all the islands. The ocean area that Norway presides over is 6 times larger than its land area, and the volume of its ocean waters is enormous and partly unexplored. From the dawn of humanity, we have harvested enormous resources from the ocean, and the sea has been our most important transport route.

The Norwegian ocean industries include maritime, fisheries and aquaculture, and offshore oil and gas. These industries account for a large share of Norway’s export revenues. New ocean industries will also emerge in the wake of these, including new biomarine industries, offshore wind and deep sea mining. All these industries depend on developing technology to ensure sustainable development.

Ocean Space Centre will be an important part of SINTEF Ocean’s provision of knowledge and technological solutions to the ocean industries.