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MAREN - Nordic collaboration for MARitime ENergy transition

Maritime energy transition involves multiple forms of innovation: Implementation of new technologies, value chain development and new forms of collaboration, as well as policy and regulatory changes.

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SINTEF is engaged in projects that address all of these dimensions. A key topic is the future role of ports as zero-emission energy hubs, linking transitions at sea with the wider energy system and industry on shore. 

As the maritime energy transition requires coordination across larger scales, regional and international collaboration is crucial. In the MAREN project, SINTEF joins efforts with RISE and industry partners from all the Nordic countries to accelerate the green maritime transition. 

The project will provide:  

  • A Nordic maritime energy program, to foster and spread knowledge on new insights and innovations in sustainable maritime energy
  • A Nordic strategy on maritime energy, outlining how joint Nordic knowledge strongholds may be created and converted to concrete innovation projects in the coming years
  • A Nordic digital platform for cross-industrial open innovation and collaboration, working as a “project generator” throughout the Nordic region.

RENERGY, Danish Maritime, VASEK, and Icelandic New Energy are key partners, ensuring that the work builds on current developments and provides relevant outputs that reach the users directly.

For more information, see the project website at Nordic Innovation: MAREN

The project is financed by the Nordic Innovation Programme - Nordic Smart Mobility and Connectivity


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Project duration

2022 - 2024