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ElMar - Electrification of maritime transport and the ports of the future

Challenges related to the electrification of maritime transport are now being mapped in a new SINTEF project with port authorities, grid companies, energy companies and ship-owners as partners. The aim is to reduce emissions by making the establishment and use of shore power and battery charging facilities more attractive.

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Trondheim Port Authority
Trondheim Port Authority

Access to attractive shore power and battery charging facilities is central to achieving the objectives for the reduction of emissions from maritime transport. The development of such facilities is underway, but the utilisation rate is low. This is partly due to a non-optimised use of available power and energy, and partly due to uncertainties regarding the technical solutions.

ElMar will investigate how integrated energy systems and new business models can make it more attractive to develop, operate and utilise shore power and battery charging facilities. Furthermore, ElMar will break down technical barriers through increasing the understanding of how such facilities affect the electricity grid and its components.

By bringing together stakeholders from across the value chain, the project will contribute to a holistic electrification of maritime transport, where the needs of the different players are safeguarded.

The project is divided into five key activities related to:

  • integrated energy systems
  • stresses on components
  • business models
  • case studies
  • project management and communication

The project emphasises innovation and knowledge development in the maritime industry. The approach is multidisciplinary, and the innovations include new planning tools, new technical solutions and new business models. ElMar will contribute to international competitiveness and increase the potential for value creation locally.

Project owner: Trondheim Port Authority


  • Port authorities and supply bases:
  • Grid companies:
  • Energy companies and shore power companies:
  • Ship-owners:


This is an Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector supported by the Research Council of Norway


Key Factors

Project duration

2020 - 2023